Cookie policies

General information about cookies

"Cookies" are data segments that are downloaded onto devices when accessing certain web pages to store and retrieve information about the user's browsing habits or their device, and depending on the information they contain and how the user uses their device, they can be used to recognize the user, achieving greater personalization and analysis of their behavior.

Treatment and types of cookies

The cookies we could use to improve the service provided are as follows:

Own cookies: These are sent to the user's terminal equipment from a computer or domain managed by the publisher itself and from which the service requested by the user is provided.

Third-party cookies: These are sent to the user's terminal equipment from a computer or domain that is not managed by the publisher but by another entity that processes the data obtained through the cookies.

Session cookies: These are a type of cookies designed to collect and store data while the user accesses a web page.

Persistent cookies: These are a type of cookies in which the data is still stored on the terminal and can be accessed and processed during a period defined by the cookie controller, which can range from a few minutes to several years.

Analysis cookies: These are cookies that, whether processed by us or by third parties, allow us to quantify the number of users and thus carry out the measurement and statistical analysis of the use made by users of the service offered. To do this, their browsing on our website is analyzed in order to improve the offer of products or services that we offer.

Advertising cookies: These are cookies that allow the management, as effectively as possible, of the advertising spaces that, if applicable, the publisher has included on a web page, application, or platform from which the requested service is provided based on criteria such as the content edited or the frequency with which the ads are displayed.

It is also possible that when visiting a website or opening an email where an advertisement or promotion about our services is published, a cookie may be installed in your browser that serves us to subsequently show you advertising related to the search you have carried out, develop a control of our advertisements in relation, for example, to the number of times they are viewed, where they appear, at what time they are viewed, etc.

Disabling cookies

Users can disable cookies by modifying their browser settings accordingly, in which case the website may not function properly. To do this, you can follow the instructions specified by each browser.

It will be understood that the user accepts the use of cookies if they continue browsing this website without previously deactivating them.